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  • Starter Set - Eye Care - From Prettyvol Cosmetics
  • Starter Set - Eye Care - From Prettyvol Cosmetics
  • Starter Set - Eye Care - From Prettyvol Cosmetics
  • Starter Set - Eye Care - From Prettyvol Cosmetics
  • Starter Set - Eye Care - From Prettyvol Cosmetics
  • Starter Set - Eye Care - From Prettyvol Cosmetics
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Longer Lashes & Less Under Eye Dark Circles

Starter Set - Eye Care

your eye area will thank you for getting this set! we promise

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What is included in this Set:
1x Prettylash-wow 2.0 - 3ml
2x Prettyvol Ultra-Gold Eye Mask - 16 Pairs

How To Use

** Prettyvol Lashserum:
Apply the serum to dry skin along the lash line (not the lashes themselves) as if you were applying liquid liner. Repeat along the lower lash line if you'd like.

For best results, apply morning and evening. Always apply to clean skin; apply makeup normally after the serum has absorbed.

Apply this serum once a day before bedtime once you achieve the desired results

** Prettyvol Gold Eye Patches:

Each package has 16 Pairs
Apply 2-3 times per week and Use it before an important event and you will see that smooth under-eye skin is not a fairy tale!


**Prettyvol Lash Serum Formula is made of several natural plant extracts and other safe ingredients.

water, peg400 (condensed ethylene oxide and water), pentapeptide-7 (Peptides), myristoyl (fatty acid-linked peptide known to improve skin's resilience and help skin look and feel smoother and softer), Isatis tinctoria (Plant), sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), tocopherol (Vitamin E), polygonum multiflorum (Plant), glycyrrhiza inflata (Plant), sophora flavescens (Plant), panthenol , xanthan gum (function as a binder), allantoin (helps protect the skin), pentylene glycol (water and oil-soluble)

**Prettyvol Gold Eye Patches:

Nano-Active Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Molecule Collagen, Vitamin C, Rose Essence, Licorice, Oat Peptide, Flavonoids, Lutein Extract, Diatomi Polysaccharide, Water


** Prettyvol Lashserum:

→ Can this cause the darkening of the skin on eyelids?

Prettylash serum’s unique formula made with top-quality and natural ingredients will not cause darkening of skin and it won’t change the colour of your eyelids.

→ Is this eyelash serum oil-free?

Prettylash serum is made of natural ingredients including plant peptides and biotin and it is Oil-free.

→ Can this damage your eye colour?

Prettylash serum is safe to use and it will not harm your eyes or change eye colour.

→ Can this serum be used with dyed/tinted eyelashes?

You can use Prettylash serum with dyed/tinted eyelashes.

→ Can I put this on in the morning before make-up?

you can apply Prettylash serum before your makeup in the morning, you may want to give it a few seconds to dry prior to putting on eyeliner or mascara.

→ Does this disorder your eyelids or Stain/darken skin ex.?

Prettylash serum is a thin liquid that looks like water made with top-quality and natural ingredients which make it safe for your skin and will not cause discolouring or stained skin.

→ Does it work well for eyebrows?

Prettylash serum works as well for your eyebrows as it does for your lashes.

→ does this product regrow lost eyelashes?

Prettylash serum will help you regrow lost eyelashes due to its natural ingredients.

** Prettyvol Eye gold Patches:

→ Can I apply it on my forehead?

Ultra-gold Prettypatches are safe to use on your forehead

→ Can I use it every night? Or every other day?

You can use Ultra-gold Prettypatches every night

→ Do I use this before or after a face mask?

We recommend using Ultra-gold Prettypatches after face mask

→ Does it remove eye bags?

Ultra-gold Prettypatches help remove eye bags, and soothe your under-eye area

→ Will these eye masks be suitable for the elderly?

Ultra-gold Prettypatches is suitable for everyone 15 and older

→ Does this eye mask contain animal-derived glycerine?

Prettyvol is a cruelty free company and Ultra-gold Prettypatches do not contain animal derived glycerine

→ Do Ultra-gold Prettypatches slide down?

Ultra-gold Prettypatches stay in place until you remove them.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a risk-free Money-Back Guarantee if you have not achieved any results after 12 weeks of use.


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