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Prettyfeet Foot Mask - Lavender - 2 Pairs

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Get Gorgeous, Sandal-Ready Feet Without Spending Hundreds on Spa Treatments & Products that Don’t Work.

Prettyvol brings to you the easiest intensive, at-home peeling treatment for cracked heels, calloused tips, and crinkly skin. Harsh weather and extreme neglect can leave your feet looking and feeling icky.

Within a few minutes, you will feel the magic happening.
Within a few weeks, your feet will be so soft you’ll have to touch them to believe it.

How To Use

Each package has 2 Pairs

1- Clean and dry your feet thoroughly
2- Use scissors to cut off the seal of the foot mask.
3- Put the foot masks on, and press the masks closely against your feet to soak up maximum amount of essence and wrap the masks tightly around your ankles.
4- Use the sticker labels provided to secure the foot masks around your ankle.
5- We recommend that you wear regular socks over the foot masks to keep the mask close to the skin, and to aid with walking.
6- Allow the ingredients to naturally moisturize and exfoliate your skin.
7- After about 45-60 minutes, take off the foot masks and rinse feet before wiping dry

・ For external use only.
・ Do not apply to wounded or damaged skin.
・ Store in a cool, dry place.
・ Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing.
・As with all dermal applications, even the most natural ingredients can cause reactions on sensitive skin. We recommend testing the product on a small area before applying the full dosage. Wait 24 hours. If you see a reaction developing, please do not use it on your skin.


Water, alcohol, glycerin, Lactic acid, malic acid, sorbitol, butylene glycol, papain, aloe vera extract, citric acid, salicylic acid.


→ What it does this foot mask do?

It is magic and science. The foot mask uses a proven formula that works on two levels:

Acid-Action --> The powerful combo of lactic acid and malic acid exfoliates and smooths the skin.
Hands-on Hydration --> Glycerin, natural oils, citric acid, and aloe vera extract moisturize and repair the skin.

→ Does this hurt when it peels? Like is your skin raw?

I gave it to my daughter. She used it. She said the longer you keep it on it feels burning, but doesn't. It doesn't immediately peel off. It takes a couple of days and you peel like a sunburn peels, but it did the job and her feet were very smooth afterward

→ can i put lotion on my feet once they start peeling?

No, it says to wait for the peeling process to fully finish before putting any product on your feet.

→ My husband wears size 13 shoes. Will these fit him?
It might be a squeeze but I think so. My friend who did it with me is a 9 -9 1/2 and they were still pretty big on her. And putting socks on while you wear them really helps to secure them on your feet.

→ Does it work with any Skin Type?
Yes It does!

→ Does this kill healthy skin, or only remove existing dead skin?
It removes the dead healthy skin did not peel with the rest of my foot.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a risk-free Money-Back Guarantee if you have not achieved any results after 12 weeks of use.


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